Eraof IT is a corporative firm which provide Web Services for Business and Professional Web Presence.

We Care Your Business.

At Era of IT, we believe that client benefit should be prominent. Our Research Department always look for best and reliable resources with awesome result structure and also cost efficient.
We are here in this business since a long and our Senior Developers acquired so much expertise that we can build platforms which does not require Human Interaction but Monitoring is must for successful flow of platform.

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Era of IT provides all necessary services for your business with uncompetitive quality and efficiency.

Web App Development

Web Application Development in efficient manner which can handle data of massive count with Big Data Theory.


Our Applications are complete package of Attractive UI (User Interface) and understandable UX (User Experience).

SEO, Marketing

Our Digital Marketing experts are well capable to deploy keywords which will keep you top in Google Search.

Responsive Websites

We provide responsive design to your application which detects and change page layout according to user screen size.

Mobile App Development

Our Team has deep understanding in creating Mobile Applications with multiple Technical Languages.

Clean Code

We have team of Senior Developers who have acquired expertise in writing code in much cleaner way.

User Experiances


Web Design








What Differentiates US

Some of key features which differentiates Era of IT from other competitors are:

On Time Delivery

When considering software development and delivery, It’s no longer enough to have the best software at any given moment in time. To succeed, our company is forefront of innovation and follows these steps:

We Set Baseline structure of every project.
We optimize our process by using internal notify tools.
We run all unit and 12 types of tests on each process time to time.
We Set timely meetings to track process and handle issues of Junior Developers.

Website Development and Designing

Era of IT is famous for its unique design and responsiveness in IT Industry. We build custom Websites for every customer as per requirement.

- Responsive Websites.
- Progressive Web Applications.
- Business/Professional Web Portfolio.
- Professional Logo Designing.
- Graphic Designing.
- SMS Services Integration.
- Email Services Integration.

Business Softwares

Era of IT develop with Business Softwares to reduce human interference and:

- to measure and increase productivity.
- to perform business functions accurately.
- to meet the needs and goals in specific time period.
Therefore it is not easy to transfer one software to a different business environment, unless its nature and operation is identical. Due to the unique requirements of each business, off-the-shelf software is unlikely to completely address a company's needs.

Mobile Applications

We develop Innovative iPhone/iPad and Android mobile applications that:

- Cut costs, boost productivity, and generate new revenues streams.
- Increase Visibility to Clients at All Times.
- Market More Directly.
- Provide Your Customers with Value.
- Build Brand Recognition.
- Increase Customer Engagement.

Digital Marketing

Era of IT is show stopper as we have Digital Marketing services available for our clients which they can take advantage of those at any time. Which Includes:

- SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
- Google Advert (Google Advertisement).
- Social Media Profile Set Up (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn).
- Social Media Paid Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn).


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Our Clients

Era of IT have large number of quality clients which are pillars to our reputation.


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